Abstract Submission Info.

Abstract Submission Info.
Important Dates
Event Date
Notification of Abstract Acceptance 30 Sep. 2021 Early October, 2021
Manuscript Submission Deadline (Not Mandatory) 15 Oct. 2021
Pre-recorded Presentation Video Deadline 22 Oct, 2021
Notification of Manuscript Review Result 30 Oct. 2021
Conference Date 4~6 Nov. 2021
Revised Manuscript Submission Deadline 30 Nov. 2021
Process of Abstract submission

1. Sign up
– Sign up and log into the official website of SPIE ABC 2021 .
– Click the [Abstract Submission] button on the main page, or click the [Authors] – [Abstract Submission] on the menu bar.

2. Submit (Abstract)
– Authors should download the abstract template and follow the instructions.
– The abstract should be written within 250 words on one page.
– Please prepare 100 words of abstract for publication and enter it on the submission page regardless of the abstract file attachment.

3. Notification of Abstract Acceptance
– The notification of review results will be sent to the presenting author.

4. Submit (Pre-recorded video)
– Every authors should submit the pre-recorded video by 22 Oct, 2021. – The pre-recorded video should not be exceeded 5 minutes.
– The nine authors nominated to the Young Investigator’s Award Session does not have to submit the pre-recorded video. (10 minutes real presentation)

5. Submit (Manuscript) – Authors are encouraged to submit the manuscript (not mandatory).
– Manuscript submission system is going to open after the abstract submission deadline.
– Manuscript should be submitted in WORD and PDF format for those who will challenge the Young Investigator’s Award Session.
– About 30 papers will be published in the SPIE digital library undergo a review process.
– The authors of the top 9 manuscripts will be given a chance to present in the Young Investigator’s Award Session and will have some benefits as a table at the bottom of this page.

6. Notification of Manuscript Review Result
– Submitted papers will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee.
– The notification of review results will be sent to the presenting author.

7. Submit (Manuscript) – After the conference, if the paper is modified, please submit the revision manuscript on the website no later than Nov. 30, 2021.

All papers and the pre-recorded video must be submitted via the website only (fax or e-mail unaccepted).

Young Investigator’s Award Session

1. Manuscript must be submitted when applying for Young Investigator’s Award Session.
2. The submitted manuscript will be linked to SPIE’s digital library.
3. The top nine participants (1st, 2nd and 3rd prize) should present at the Young Investigator’s Award Session for 10 minutes.
4. Benefits for taking part in Young Investigator’s Award Session is as follow.

Prize Winner Benefit
1st Prize 1 person Award + Tablet
2nd Prize 2 persons Award + Smart Watch
3rd Prize 6 persons Award + AirPods (or Buds)
All participants
(Except for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize)
Award + Voucher (Starbucks)

※ Subject to change

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